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3 Types of Content You Can Recycle Into Video

It’s not always easy to come up with ideas on what you should create videos about. Believe us – we know! The good news is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel for every new video you’re creating – you can easily recycle the content you already have, such as blog posts and ebooks, into new videos. Here are 3 specific examples of content you can repurpose as video.

1.Blog posts

As a business, you probably already have a lot of great blog posts on topics you are an expert on. Why not use the topics of your old blog posts to create new videos?

Find a blog post, shorten the text to make it fit into a video format, find images or video clips you can use in the video, and voila! – you’ll have a brand new video in no time!

When writing the text for the video, remember to only add the most relevant points from the blog post, or else there might be an information overload for the viewer. 

Here’s an example of a video that we created from an old blog post: 

2. Ebooks and Guides

When you have longer content offerings such as ebooks, guides or white papers, promoting them with videos can be an easy way to grab the attention of your audience, and get them to visit your page and download the content offering. 

There are especially two good ways you can recycle your longer content offerings into videos: 

  • Since ebooks, white papers or guides usually tend to be longer than blog posts, there could be too much information there to be able to gather all the main points in one single video. You should therefore focus on creating one video per key point or per topic. 
  • Create shorter teasers that only give away a little bit of what you can read in the ebook or guide.  

Here’s an example of a teaser promoting an ebook:

3.Customer Testimonials

If you have any written customer testimonials from happy customers, why not ask some of them if they have 10 minutes to record the testimonial on camera? Create videos where your current customers tell potential customers why your product worked for them and why other people should use it.  

The process of making these videos doesn’t have to be difficult at all – if you have a professional camera and know how to operate it, that’s great! If not, you can shoot great video clips with the camera on your phone! You can read more about how to shoot high quality video clips with your phone here. 

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