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6 Simple Hacks That Can Help Increase Video Engagement

The trend is clear: people love watching videos! In February 2017, Forbes could report that “a third of the time people spend online is dedicated to watching videos”. But how can you make sure people watch and engage with your videos when the internet is full of them?  

Here are 6 things to think about when creating a video that can help increase the chance of audience engagement. 

Hack #1: Optimize length

The length is an important aspect to consider when creating a video. In general, you should try to keep your videos as short as possible, preferably under a minute. However, the length of your video could vary depending on the platform you’re posting on. 

While the optimal length for a Facebook video is 60-90 seconds, on Twitter or Instagram, the videos should be a bit shorter. You can read our blog post “Optimal length for videos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter” to learn more. 

Hack #2: Focus on one topic

Because your videos should be around a minute, you should try to stick to one topic per video to prevent information overload and confusion. People’s attention span is short, so it’s better to divide your content into several short videos than trying to squeeze too much information into a long video. Sticking to one topic per video will make it much easier for you to get your point across.

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Hack #3: Choose the perfect format

Choosing the right format for your video is important. Buffer Social has done a study to understand what makes videos successful on social media, and say that “square videos outperformed landscape videos in terms of average engagement, views, and reach, especially on mobile”. The reasons for this might lie in the way people watch videos. 92% of Facebook users use the app on their phone every day, and videos that are in a square or vertical format are more mobile friendly than videos with a horizontal format.  

Keep in mind that you should always base the choice of format on the social media platform you want to post your video on. Read more about choosing the right format for your video here. 

Hack #4: Keep in mind that the first seconds are crucial

It’s well known by now that people tend to have a short concentration and attention span. This means that your videos should capture the viewer’s attention within the first few seconds.   

You should therefore start your video off with what we like to call a “hook”. A hook can be a statement, a question, or eye-catching visuals – something that will make your audience stop scrolling and watch your video. An example is this video we made in 2017. 

Hack #5: Use text in your videos

According to several different sources, about 85% of video on Facebook is watched without sound. And if that’s not enough, a study conducted by Facebook shows that 76% of video ads need sound to be understood. It is in other words crucial that you add text overlays to your video to get your message across, and if there is someone talking in your video, you should always add subtitles!

Hack #6: Add a call to action 

Call to action’s are a great way to encourage engagement – and turn viewers into customers. 

In most cases, your videos should encourage your viewers to take action – maybe you want to drive them to your website where they can find more inspirational content, perhaps you want them to sign up for an event you’re hosting or a waitlist for a product you’re launching – no matter the reason, you should always provide a call to action at the end of your videos.

Adding a relevant call to action can help you drive the viewers further into the sales funnel – and who wouldn’t want that? 

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