Our Story

We’re on a mission to make video accessible, affordable and automatic.

Fuelled By Changing Audience Trends

Surrounded by technology-driven trends, changing how we live, learn and work – it has become imperative to stop “dozing in class”. But in so many ways, that’s easier said than done.. Because – how will we manage to stay constantly updated – continually learning new things – with only limited time available in our already very busy lives?

Back in 2015, an answer could be found in patterns emerging on how we spend our time online. We, as global audiences, are in fact hunting for knowledge. The key then, is how to grab attention in such a crowded online space?

This is where video is unique. Humans are programmed to react to movement. And the power of video has clearly been confirmed by recent audience actions. Video has quickly become the most favored, viewed and shared content type, wherever it is embedded or shown.

Based on this insight, we founded VIBBIO in early 2016 – naming it our mission to make video accessible, affordable and automatic for businesses. Now, we’ve closing in on this mission, through building a substantial video creation platform, where we enable video creation to become a key tool in teams across any organization.

So, a few amazing years down the line, our company is developing fast – we have grown to a team of 20 – and this is only the beginning for VIBBIO!

Portrait of the VIBBIO team

Our Team

Behind the VIBBIO platform is a team of hard-working and fun-loving people who every day push boundaries to make sure our video platform keeps on getting better. Starting off with two people in 2016, we have grown to a team of 20 people in only two years. We’re constantly expanding and always searching for more talented people.

Our Vision

VIBBIO’s vision statement is «Enabling the smartest form of communication». Our aim is to always stay at the forefront of communication trends; building associated technical solutions that help remove entry barriers through being accessible, affordable and automatic.

Positive change and participation can be enabled through easy access to new knowledge and associated skills. VIBBIO will continuously work to enforce this, both as a thought leader in our field, and through building smart solutions for businesses to in-source new skills, and leverage the power of technology.

A camera lens and a VIBBIO sticker