VIBBIO is a Scandinavian technology company on a mission to provide the most efficient form of communication for businesses. And so, we have created a product that makes video creation accessible, affordable, and easy for everyone.

Born From A Global Change Of Habits

VIBBIO was founded in Oslo in 2016 following frustration with how marketing and communication efforts were becoming increasingly inefficient.

We set our goals on identifying the new patterns of online audiences and quickly saw that with ever-shrinking concentration spans and a constant lack of time, visual storytelling far out-paces text-based content, leaving video as a clear audience winner.

And so, we decided to build a tool that enables businesses to create videos to communicate their messages in a more engaging and efficient way.

We’re headquartered in Oslo, but we operate as a small, distributed company. Our team members are free to choose which location to work from - all our work happens in a suite of digital tools, with video, of course, being a key component.

We believe in fostering a culture of trust, truth, and transparency - as well as constantly leaning into curiosity and learning.

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