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Elevate your Communications strategy with video

Create more engaging media outreaches, press releases, and corporate updates with attention-grabbing videos — no experience or editing needed.

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Cut through the noise with video

The communications department is in charge of getting the company's message heard, both internally and externally. VIBBIO's tool is revolutionizing how to create engaging communications - by making video creation as easy as PowerPoint.

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VIBBIO. Consistent branding

Change the way you think about and create compelling video content, to boost the impact of your communication.

Create videos customized to your brand, ensuring recognition and brand consistency everywhere – both internally and externally. Take your communications strategy to the next level with VIBBIO - no video editing required and always on-brand.

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VIBBIO. Increase visibility

Implement more video content to increase visibility in your market.

The communications team often delivers updates and messages that drive performance, provide important information, and boost visibility. Cut through the noise and demand the audience's attention with videos that hit home and drive results for your company.

VIBBIO. Modern technology for the modern workplace

Embrace change by unlocking VIBBIO’s easy to use video creation tool.

You don’t have to be technologically minded to use VIBBIO’s video creation tool — it’s as easy as putting together a PowerPoint — but far more exciting! Simply input words and visuals - with your brand automatically in place - and create engaging videos in minutes.

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VIBBIO. Communicate successfully

Create a successful communications strategy with video.

Competing with workloads, social media ads, and an abundance of emails — your messages need to appeal and stand out. Humans are wired to respond to movement, and so your short videos will draw attention, and ensure to-the-point messages to come across effortlessly.

Internal Comms teams that use VIBBIO:

“Since we started with VIBBIO, we have been able to really up our game, and we have dared to take our internal style of production out more externally also.”

Madeleine Schøyen Bergli | Head of Communication | Elkjøp Norway

“We use VIBBIO because we want a simple, yet professional software, which also delivers the videos quickly.”

Heidi Elin Nupen | Editor Digital Platforms | Sandes Sparebank

“With VIBBIO, the threshold for creating videos is very low – it’s fast, easy and reasonably priced. VIBBIO also offer great customer success.”

Mia Stern Madse | Content Marketer | Scandic

"VIBBIO provide Sopra Steria with the tools they need to adapt what they say, to who, and the channels they use."

Megan Strand | Marketing and Communications Manager | Sopra Steria