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Sandnes Sparebank reaches out with videos to support and connect with customers.

“A bank is not always a bank. Just like gray and blue are not yellow. We are here to help you.”


Sandnes Sparebank is a Norwegian savings bank, and was established back in 1875. It has 40,000 private customers and 5,000 commercial clients.

Sandnes Sparebank is the bank with the big yellow heart and satisfied customers. They have committed, dedicated people who are able to understand what their customers need and provide excellent advice.

Why did Sandnes Sparebank choose VIBBIO?

Sandes Sparebank uses VIBBIO’s software to create videos for marketing and also social media. Sandes Sparebank prefers videos with a more natural style, allowing them to focus on communicating great content in a warm and friendly format.

VIBBIO’s intuitive video creation tool gives Sandnes Sparebank the flexibility they need to quickly and easily create impactful videos.

“We create videos both with and without VIBBIO and they all have good reach as long as the content is good!” Heidi Elin Nupen, Editor Digital Platforms.

Switch One: Brand

The ability to quickly create professional videos is powerful

VIBBIO empowers Sandes Sparebank’s teams to produce video content at speed and scale, which in turn helps to maintain a brand presence across key channels.

“We use VIBBIO because we want a simple, yet professional software, which also delivers the videos quickly.” Heidi Elin Nupen, Editor Digital Platforms

Switch Two: Experience

VIBBIO offers support and expertise whenever needed

With speedy video creation comes responsive customer service. VIBBIO’s knowledgeable team is on hand to answer questions and resolve queries as quickly as possible, ensuring Sandes Sparebank’s video creation isn’t delayed.

“Their customer support is good and they are quick to answer, we feel that VIBBIO goes the extra mile to meet our needs.” Heidi Elin Nupen, Editor Digital Platforms


engagement on videos


videos created in a few months of signing up


realistic videos to instill trust