Video editor

Text editing


Without any complicated controls, adding or editing text is just a few clicks away.

Video trimmer and clip splitting

video trimmer

Remove video clips' front or tail portions, or cut video clips into smaller sections.



Easily add subtitles to strengthen the viewer experience of your videos.



Resize videos in one click to any online format you can think of.


video preview

Use the block and project preview to view your video as you create it.

Brand profile

Colors, logos and fonts


Add your brand's color palette, logos for watermark and outro, and fonts.

Default styles

default styles

For consistency, you can pre-set visual styles for text messages, subtitles and name tags.

Animations and transitions

text animations and transitions

Style your videos with text animations and transitions.

Team collaboration

Private sharing page

sharing page

Share videos privately with a unique sharing URL. Only invited collaborators have access to the sharing page.



Invite your team or external collaborators to comment on your video projects.

Slack integration

slack integration

Directly share your finished videos with your people on Slack.


Media uploading

media uploading

Upload your videos, photos, or music to your own VIBBIO library.

Stock library

stock media

Access free premium licensed stock photos, video clips, and music directly in our online video editor.

Webcam recorder

cam recorder

Capture video messages of yourself with the inbuilt webcam recorder.

Screen recorder

screen recorder

Quickly capture your screen with the in-built screen recorder to quickly deliver video messages.

Cloud library

Folders and files

folder and files

Organize all videos and media files — so everyone on every team can find the content they need.

File requests

request files

Request or invite external collaborators to add media files directly into your video project.

No complicated controls — every feature is just a few clicks away

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