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How it works

Stay on top of your video marketing, HR and internal comms strategies by enabling video to become the main format for communication. VIBBIO removes the barriers of cost, time and expert skills - while safeguarding the company brand.

Create a new video in 5 simple steps

01. Brand police

One-time color, font, and logo set up

When creating your account, you'll be guided to set up your video brand profile - including logo, watermarks, fonts, colors, image transitions, and animations. Your brand is now controlled for all videos created, so you can skip to step two for all subsequent creations.

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02. Impact

Select where it will be viewed and how long the video should be

First, input your choice of publishing channel (social media, website etc). The tool will then guide you accordingly on best practice for length and format.

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03. Engage

Focus on the core purpose

The message of your video is the most important. You should keep the text clear and to the point, with a defined start (hook) and end (call-to-action). VIBBIO will guide you through the whole process, and based on estimated reading time, assist you to utilize the chosen length optimally.

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04. Make it visual

Choose inspiring visuals and film clips

The next step is to match your messages with visuals. You can store existing visuals in your media library, for easy, quick selection – or select some suitable stock imagery. New filming can be booked from your account when needed.

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05. Submit

Your striking video is complete

Lastly, review your content and hit the submit button to get the video generated and returned to your Done folder. You’re now learning through experience, and you’ll find your videos get better with every new creation. With VIBBIO's intuitive tool, ideas for new videos will spark on the fly, and you'll get better and more confident with every creation.

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“Since we started with VIBBIO, we have been able to really up our game, and we have dared to take our internal style of production out more externally also.”

Madeleine Schøyen Bergli | Head of Communication | Elkjøp Norway

“We use VIBBIO because we want a simple, yet professional software, which also delivers the videos quickly.”

Heidi Elin Nupen | Editor Digital Platforms | Sandes Sparebank

“With VIBBIO, the threshold for creating videos is very low – it’s fast, easy and reasonably priced. VIBBIO also offer great customer success.”

Mia Stern Madse | Content Marketer | Scandic

"VIBBIO provide Sopra Steria with the tools they need to adapt what they say, to who, and the channels they use."

Megan Strand | Marketing and Communications Manager | Sopra Steria