How It Works

Stay on top of your video marketing strategy, and create more videos, cheaper and faster.

Create a new video in 4 simple steps.

1. Length And Format

First, pick the length and format for your video. The tool will guide you, based on your choice of publishing channel (Social media, website, etc.) With a single click, create your video in several formats at the same time.  

Screenshot of step one in our video platform

2. Craft Your Message

The message of your video is the most important. You should keep the text clear and to the point, with a defined start (hook) and end (call-to-action). 

Screenshot of step two in our video platform

3. Select Visuals

The next step is to match your messages with visuals. You can store existing visuals in your media library, for easy, quick selection – or you can upload visuals from your desktop. New filming can be booked from your account when needed.

Screenshot of step three in our video platform

4.Submit Your Video Project

Lastly, review your content – and hit the submit button. The platform will deliver the finished video back to you, complete with brand profile and music.

Screenshot of step four in our video platform