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How To Create Content For Marketing Videos

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again: content is key in this digital landscape. If you want to attract customers, you need to offer them content that is of value to them, in the right context and using the right tools. 

How To Create Content For marketing videos

Video Content

Video is a tool that has proved effective in all types of marketing and communication. Moving images catches the eye easier, and through marketing videos, you’re able to feed your audience information without asking them to spend time and energy reading (shudder!). But how to create content for video the video format?

The Structure

If you’re good at creating written content, you’ll be good at creating content for video too. All you have to do, is adjust your thinking a little. We usually divide a video structure into three main parts:

  1. The hook
  2. The messages
  3. The call-to-action

If you’re used to creating content in the form of for example blog posts, this structure is probably familiar to you. The difference is mainly that you have to keep it shorter, and more to the point. For a one minute video, we recommend that you keep your copy to a maximum of 700 characters.  

Key Messages

When we create content for video, we usually divide our content into messages. You should try to keep these short and to-the-point, as long sentences often make the video more clunky and hard to follow. Let’s look at an example. Susan’s Bakery wants to create a short video about a popular cake icing technique, to share knowledge with their audience. The outline for the video could look something like this:

You’ve probably seen cakes like this..Picture or video clip of an impressively iced cake.
Ever wondered how the icing is made?
Step 1:Here, you would put visuals that illustrate step 1
Step 2:Here, you would put visuals that illustrate step 2
Step 3:Here, you would put visuals that illustrate step 3
Susan’s Bakery
Order online at

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how to create content for marketing video example

Hook and Call-To-Action

As you can see, the first message is the hook. In this case, we chose something visual – a video clip of an impressively iced cake. If this is recognizable to the viewer, they’ll probably be interested to know how it’s made. The bulk of the video consists of how to make it, in three simple steps. Then comes the call to action, telling the viewers where they can order such a cake!

That’s it! Those are the basics of video content creation.

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