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How To Make A Video Go Viral

Do videos go viral by coincidence or can you plan it? Both might be the case, but the truth is that the secret ingredient often is a little bit of good old fashioned luck. But there are some things you can do to maximize your chances of getting a viral video. Here’s a list of elements to implement to your videos that might increase your chances.

Understanding Current Trends

One of the most important things when trying to make a video go viral is to understand current trends, current pop culture and what type of content people are more likely to share. Do some research to find examples of viral videos, and get some inspiration on how you can do something similar. You don’t want to copy other videos, but you want to look for elements used to make these viral videos special.

You should find out what people watch, but also what people share. This is connected to an understanding of what’s trending. A good way to get people to watch and share your videos is to create something that in some way adds value to the viewer. Think that your video should convey a message good enough so that people are willing to share it with their friends. This is especially important with the new “meaningful interactions” update from Facebook.

Optimize for Wider Reach

If you make sure to optimize your videos like you do with the rest of your content, there are bigger chances of spreading your videos and getting them high up in the search rankings. Post the video or different versions of it on several social media platforms for maximum reach, and test to see where you get more engagement. Tip: Facebook is usually the place where you get the most out of shareable content. 

Some elements to implement for search engine optimization:

  • Titles with keywords you wish to rank for
  • A short description of the video with your keywords
  • A relevant file name (here you can also use keywords)

Have A Hook

Optimizing your videos also includes understanding and meeting the audience’s demands. That means for example always texting videos, and always starting the video with a great HOOK. By having a hook, you will capture the attention of the audience right away. A good hook can be a question, a statement, a claim or eye-catching visuals.

For videos seen directly from Facebook, Youtube or other social media platforms, it’s important that you use the three first seconds of your video to grab the attention of the viewer, because this will make it much more likely to gain loads of views.

Pathos As A Key Ingredient

Many of you probably remember the three classic tools of persuasion from doing some sort of rhetorical analysis: ethos (ethical appeal or trustworthiness), logos (argumentation) and pathos (emotional influence). These three tools of persuasion are often seen in combination with speeches and the speaker’s persona. But you can also use it as a tool in your videos. 

Pathos is an exceptionally good tool to use. Adding emotions such as for example anger, sadness, relief, frustration or sympathy can make many people engage in your stories – the important thing is that the story is there! Find the story, and present it with emotions – music and visuals can also play a great part here. The points is that you should make the audience feel something and engage with your video based on that. Playing on humour is also always a good tool – as long as you do it right. A good example is Dollar Shave Club’s highly successful commercial. 

Your Audience > Your Product

The last tip is to create something that can add some value for your viewers, something that they find interesting and that they would want to share. It’s more likely that viewers would share a video with useful information where they can learn something or help spread a message rather than a video about how you have the best product on the market. 

In conclusion, if you want your video to go viral, at the same time as you convey a message, don’t make a video that’s all about you, your product or your business, but about something that can spread knowledge, a story that awakens the emotions, a DIY-video or something that will make the viewers laugh.

If you want to learn more, you can download our free guide with 5 examples of videos that went viral and the reasons why. 

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