How To Succeed With Video for Internal Communication

Here at VIBBIO, we are always going on about video being the best way to communicate with your audience. Which we still stand by. However, this does not mean that video is only meant for external communication – you should use it for internal communication as well.

Studies show that employees would like to see more internal messages being communicated through video. In fact, in a survey conducted by HR Communications, more than 54% of professionals said that their employees expect to see video inside the organization.

We know that internal communication is key for all companies, big or small. So keep the communication fun and engaging, because your employees deserve nothing less! Here are three ideas on how you can use video for internal communication.

A man being interviewed seen through the screen of a camera

1. Training and On-boarding

If you’re a larger company, your HR department might be spending a lot of time on-boarding new employees, but also at training existing ones in new routines. With videos, you can show while explaining, so internal training and on-boarding will be made much easier and more effective. Instead of all the manuals that are always confusing no matter how easy you try to make them (IKEA manuals being the ultimate example of this), you can use video to take your employees through a demonstration in an easy and engaging way, while your HR department saves time.

Welcome video

An on-boarding video, or a “welcome-to-the-team” video, can be sent out already before the new employee has started working for your company to make them feel extra motivated and welcome. This video can, for example, include the CEO and other employees, like this video from Adobe.

Adobe welcomes new employees with this video.

Leadership Training

If your workplace offers a leadership program, you can create videos to make this process more efficient, but also more engaging. Creating videos for this purpose does not mean that you should replace the “face-to-face” leadership training altogether, but it can be a great supplement to the other training methods.

Create a video library that is easily accessible for all relevant employees, and sort the videos into different topics if necessary. In that way, it is easy for people to find the videos they’re looking for, whenever they need it.

2. Streamlining Processes

Another way you can really make use of video for internal communication is to create internal how-to videos, where you can explain or show how a procedure, software, or product works. Have you for example ever had a problem with setting up software or using specific programs on your computer? We all bump into these kinds of issues at one point, and often, it is the same person who has to help you set up and solve the problems. If your company has many employees, this can fastly become a full-time job for your in-house expert. By creating internal “how-to”-videos, all employees can easily get the help they need when they need it, without having to go to anyone else all the time. Gather all these videos in an easily accessible library and make all of these processes more efficient.

There are many types of “how-to” videos you can create. Some examples are videos that are meant to explain general routines for all new employees, videos on how to fill out different forms, such as when reporting overtime, or forms for applying for vacation, videos that show you how to set up different types of software, or even how to use it.

3. News And Updates

Last but not least, you can create internal videos that give relevant updates or present other news that would be beneficial for people across different departments to know about. Instead of sending out a long email full of text and sometimes a lot of technical updates or information, you can rather take that information and present it visually. If it’s a simple and informal update, that you want to get out quickly, you can just use your phone to record and send a video clip of yourself talking to the camera – it can be as simple as that.

Here are some examples of news or updates you can share through video:


If your company is restructuring, it could be a good idea to send regular update videos to all employees to inform them about what is going on, to give updates on how the process is going, or inform them about how this will affect the structure of the company, departments or if there is anything else you need to inform about. In this type of video, you can, for example, interview the CEO.

New Hires

When hiring someone new, you can create a very short and informal video to present them to the rest of the team. Interview them about themselves and their role moving forward, their interests and hobbies or what they want to do in their new position. Give other employees the chance to get a feeling of who this person is, and how they will fit into your team.

Department Updates

Most large companies have many departments, and employees might have a difficult time keeping up with what is happening in all of them. So creating videos that introduce all of the departments and their area of work is a good way to keep all the employees up to date, and make them feel included in the team! These videos can then be sent out through email, be included in regular newsletters, or shown during department meetings, just to name a few ideas. ?

Reports such as a end-of-the-year report

At the end of a long year, you might want to give your employees a little throwback to what you managed to achieve. To make your end of the year report more engaging, you should create a video instead of a text to show what your team has accomplished during the year: Who have you employed? What customers did you land? What important goals have been set and achieved? All of this information can be answered in a more lively and fun way with video.

And those are some ideas of how you can use video for internal communication. We hope that gave you some inspiration for how you can use video in company! Would you like to try VIBBIO for free? Click the button below and sign up for a free trial.

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