To give you a flying start with your VIBBIO account, onboarding is required for a one-time fee according to your subscription. 

Onboarding will be tailored to your team and is divided into three sessions.

1. Training

We will showcase all parts of the platform, and teach you how to get the most out of your account. In this session, we’ll go through:

  • The different sections of your platform account (Projects, Library, Services & Settings)
  • Uploading existing content to your library
  • Uploading your visual profile elements
  • View examples of smart videos and
    showcase how these videos were created

Duration: 60 minutes

2. Creating your first video

Together we’ll define a pilot video project to get you off to a flying start. We’ll walk you through how to easily plan your content and enter it into a project draft:

  • Defining your video format, based on where you’ll publish
  • Writing in your messages, and using the tool’s guidance
  • Matching your messages with visuals from your library
  • Review and confirm order
  • Introduction to creating new versions

Duration: 60-90 minutes

3. Recipe for success

Now that you know the basics and have had a go at creating your first project, you’ll receive a tailored plan for how to become successful as a team using VIBBIO.

  • Tips & tricks on how to plan content for your chosen publishing platforms
  • Keeping it simple, as well as smart – video is so much more than just advertising
  • Building new skills and having fun, and learning by doing
  • Embracing the power of recycling, repetition and volume – in the age of the crowded internet