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Optimal Length for Videos On Facebook, Instagram And Twitter

Social media platforms are designed differently and are often used for different purposes. This means that how long your videos should be varies, depending on what platform you are posting on. 

To engage your audience, you should customize both content and length of your video to the different social media platforms. But what is the optimal length for videos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? Here are our recommendations. 


Facebook has over 2 billion montly active users, which makes it by far the most popular social media platform. Facebook is also the platform where age groups, gender and geographical location is pretty much equally represented. This can make it easier for your company to reach a larger audience.  

Even though Facebook-videos can be up to 45 minutes long, you should keep it much shorter than that. Buzzsumo has analyzed 100 million Facebook videos and found that shorter videos generate more interaction, and that the ideal length is 60-90 seconds.

Additionally, according to Locowise the average viewing time of Facebook videos is only 10 seconds or 4% of the full video length.

That means two things: You should try to create videos that are shorter than one minute, and you need to engage your audience immediately. Our golden rule is that you should hook the viewers in the first 3 seconds. 


Instagram videos that you post in the regular feed can be up to one minute long. But that doesn’t mean that they should be.

We recommend that you keep your Instagram videos to about 30 seconds. Why? Because the platform is based on the idea of scrolling until you find something appealing to look at.

That’s why it’s crucial when creating videos for Instagram that you convey your message in a short and concise way, at the same time as you need to catch the attention of the viewer before they scroll past you. Because let’s face it, people scroll fast! 

When creating video content for specific platforms, you should also think about its major demographic group to get a picture of who you are more likely to reach on that platform. On Instagram the largest group is young, urban women between 18 and 29. 

What Is The Optimal Length For Videos On Facebook, Instagram And Twitter?


For Twitter, the video length limit is 2 minutes and 20 seconds. But just as Instagram users are used to scrolling fast through photos, Twitter-users are used to short textual updates. Therefore, even though you are able to post videos that are over 2 minutes long, you should try to create videos that are 30-45 seconds.

According to Sprout Social, more than 80% of users will watch a full video if it’s 30 seconds or less, which is why you should keep your Twitter videos short to keep your audience engaged. 

You can of course create videos longer than 30 seconds, but always make sure that you provide your audience with valuable content throughout the whole video. Are there parts of the video that you think of as excess information? Then you could probably make your video shorter.

And remember: you can always split up information and create several videos.

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