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VIBBIO offers a fully integrated video project workflow for marketing and communication teams.

Studies show that videos are the clear winner in terms of engagement on Social Media, and also the preferred way for consumers to take in information.



of all web traffic will be online video by 2019

Social media

22 bn

video views every day on social media



more likely that a video is watched than text is read

Why video?

How to get started

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Sign up for a VIBBIO user

You have full flexibility to swap between user levels to fit peak/low seasons or other changes in volume and needs.

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Watch our tutorials and guides

The first time you log in, we take you through a simple step-by-step setup guide, to ensure a good start with your account.

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Upload existing visual material

Your spacious cloud-based library lets you tag and store existing photos and clips, which can all be used in new projects.

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Invite team members

Invite any number of team members and collaborators to your team, to participate in planning and ordering videos.

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Find your own workflow

Start with small steps. We auto-save all projects, so feel free to have a play and find your own workflow.

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Get help right when you need it

Reach out with questions, or book the wanted specialists to help with your campaigns, directly from your account.

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The Marketplace

Additional services such as filming, copywriting and stock materials are available to book directly within your user account.

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  • Shoot

    Filming with 1 producer.

    Ideal for a product shoot, landscapes, people, places, overviews etc.

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  • Content Adaption

    Adapting an existing article, paper or case to a short video.

  • Copywriting

    Create complete content for a video from scratch.

  • Content Workshop

    Workshop to solve messaging, tone-of-voice and text for a campaign.

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  • Stock material

    We have a range of short clips and images available to purchase, with direct transfer to your user library

Videos created with VIBBIO

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