Project Area

All your video projects collected in one place.

A Complete Overview

  • Your video projects are sorted under Drafts, In Progress and Done, depending on where in the process they are. 
  • With the smart auto-save function, unfinished video projects are safe to be left and returned to later.  
Screenshots of different video projects from our video creation platform

Create A Video In 3 Steps

  1. Choose wanted format and length.
  2. Add your storyline as short text messages.
  3. Match the messages with visuals.

That’s all! The platform will do the editing – always 100% tailored to your brand.

Screenshots of different elements from our video creation platform

Order new versions

  • All your videos are stored in the project area, easily accessible to create new versions.
  • Simply enter wanted changes in format, language, text and visuals at a few clicks.
  • Perfect for A/B testing, facilitating for local languages and boosting volume in video output.
Screenshots of images with different formats.