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Visualize VIBBIO 
video creation 
at your fingertips

Book a demo to find out how to unleash the power of video in your team.

Built to help you:


Engage your viewers

No one paying attention? Wake up 50% more people with video.


Ensure brand consistency across all teams

With Vibbio, you can trust that all videos are on brand, no matter who creates them.


Create high-quality videos for all purposes

Vibbio lets you create and test engaging videos from any content and quickly re-size for different uses.


No editing experience needed

You don’t have to know how to do video editing to create great content with VIBBIO. You know what you want to say, we take care of the rest.


Keep all your visual material in one place

Store and access all your visual material from wherever you are. Use existing clips and images in new ways.

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“Since we started with VIBBIO, we have been able to really up our game, and we have dared to take our internal style of production out more externally also.”

Madeleine Schøyen Bergli | Head of Communication | Elkjøp Norway

“We use VIBBIO because we want a simple, yet professional software, which also delivers the videos quickly.”

Heidi Elin Nupen | Editor Digital Platforms | Sandes Sparebank

“With VIBBIO, the threshold for creating videos is very low – it’s fast, easy and reasonably priced. VIBBIO also offer great customer success.”

Mia Stern Madse | Content Marketer | Scandic

"VIBBIO provide Sopra Steria with the tools they need to adapt what they say, to who, and the channels they use."

Megan Strand | Marketing and Communications Manager | Sopra Steria