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Marketing, digital marketing

Why we re-branded our entire profile

As a startup, it's usual to go through changes and grow as a company, and after a couple of years and a lot of...

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Marketing, Sales

Why you should use video in your emails

During an ordinary working week, you probably get a ton of sales emails. Do you read all of them, or do you skim...

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Marketing, Social media

How to avoid failing with your Facebook video ads?

Social media gives an ideal opportunity for small business advertising, as they can achieve excellent results at low...

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Marketing, Tips and tricks

4 types of videos you should create for your company

There are many companies out there that really make the use of video – something we like to see! But there are also...

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Marketing, Internal communication

How to recruit new employees with video

Recruiting is not easy, you want to find the talent that has the qualities that you look for, but that will also go...

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Ensure brand consistency in all content with VIBBIO

Brand consistency is something we as marketing professionals are all striving to achieve, and we understand that it...

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