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Tina Wold   |  

March 20 2020

3 Videos To Keep Your Customers Updated

In these trying times, providing good and consistent updates and news to your customers is essential for keeping a good relationship. There are several ways to provide information to your customers, but it's important to think about how you can best capture the attention you need for the message you're sending out.


🌟Video has the power to communicate short messages,
news and updates efficiently 🌟


Keeping your customers informed in a time like this will help them know what to expect from you, give them tips and tricks on what they can do themselves, and generally keep them updated on the current situation.

Send videos in in-app messages, in newsletters, share it on social media or post them on your website. Use the channels that makes the most sense for your business. 

Here are examples of three types of videos you can create to keep the relationships with your customers strong during this challenging period.


1. Videos to keep customers in the loop

When big changes happen, it can be important to inform customers if it affects them in any way, and if so, how. To properly get their attention, you need content that can cut through all the noise that's out there – and that's where video comes in.

During these times, there are a lot of companies posting on social media, so your updates can quickly get lost in feeds.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't post important information to social as well, but try channels the customer have more control over, like: email, in-app messages, on your website, push-notifications, or, if you're a larger organization with many customers, screens in outdoor spaces and TV advertisements.

The Norwegian bank DnB have created a very simple video with some information to the customers on what the situation means to them, and what DnB is doing to help. (Video example in Norwegian)


2. Simple tips and tricks videos

Do you have any tips or tricks you want to share with your customers that have to do with your product or service, or maybe about something more general? 

For Example: A lot of people are now dealing with new technology and have to use tools on their computer they've never used before. If you're, let's say, a technology company, you can create and share short videos with demonstrations of commonly used computer tools among your customer group. 

Now that was just an example. No matter what your company does, don't be shy to share your experiences and your advice. Most people are working in a rather unfamiliar home-office situation these days and need all the tips they can get. Maybe your company has found an excellent way to make home office really work that is worth sharing? 

Here's an example we made that could work as a video for most companies to share on social media. Just change the colors and add your logo at the end, and it's done. And if you have other tips, simply change the text. 💁

The point is: it doesn't have to be complicated.


3. Special offers and deals

You want to help your existing customers, but you might also want to help people that are new to your brand.

The truth is that there's probably a lot of people and companies that are simply not able to pay full price, or anything at all, for your products right now, even though they could really benefit from using it!

Consider reaching out a helping hand – because we all need to try and help each other to get through this challenging situation we find ourselves in. If you find that you have room to offer your product or service at a reduced price or for free for a certain period of time, it's worth considering. 

Create short and informative videos to share on your social media pages, on groups on social media, and in emails to inform people about your offer. If employees in your company are willing to share to their social pages as well, the word will spread faster. 

If more companies are willing to share with each other, we might all get through this a little less painfully ❤️ We created this video and shared it on social media: 


And with that being said, we at VIBBIO really want to help companies communicate more efficiently – especially now! And so, we are offering everyone 30 days free use of our video creation platform. Click the link to get started creating videos for your company. 


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Tina Wold

Tina Wold

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