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4 types of videos you should create for your company

There are many companies out there that really make the use of video – something we like to see! But there are also many companies that don’t have that much video content yet and are thinking they should get started creating more!

Here are 4 different types of videos you can start creating and examples from companies that have nailed the different video types.

Explainer Video

Explainer videos are great for showcasing what your company can offer to potential customers, and to give a little insight into how a product or service can be useful. A company that I think have created a good explainer video is the website software, wix.com. Their Youtube channel is packed with insightful tutorial videos, customer stories, pro tips, features, you name it! But they also create explainer videos that give the viewer a little insight into how the product actually works – without making it too long or dreary.

Thought Leadership Videos

Thought leadership content is the way to go if you’re looking for authenticity in a brand. By getting someone in your company to talk about a topic they’re an expert in can be golden for your lead generating strategies, and it can work wonders for how people perceive your brand. If you want to be the go-to for information within a certain field, you can create engaging videos to talk about the topics YOU know a lot about.

Neil Patel is probably one of the greatest thought leaders within the marketing field and he knows how to get people to go to him for information about marketing. His Youtube channel is PACKED with useful videos about everything marketing. Like this video here:


If there is one thing that a certain target group is prone to be exposed to, it’s content from the clothing and beauty industry. And because there are SO many of these players out there, we are likely to be targeted with a lot of their advertisements. But some definitely stand out and there are companies that have found the golden recipe for how to create videos that will increase click-through-rates and get people to shop! One player that is successfully creating videos for several different channels such as Youtube, IGTV and their website, is the hair care brand Bumble and Bumble. I use them as an example because I think they’re good at creating very simple how-to-videos for the consumers to “get the look” and the inspo they need to get tempted to try it out for themselves, but also to be successful with the products. Providing these sort of tips and tricks can most definitely be crucial for this very competitive market and can give the buyer a much better shopping experience by visualizing how to actually use the product and what the result might look like.

Customer Success Stories

Customer testimonial videos are really something that is a winner in most businesses. It can often be better for the customer to talk about your company than yourself. It’s just something about letting existing customers tell your potential customers why they should use the product or service that might seem more authentic and a little less pushy. These testimonials can be a mix of different content and statistics, and of course: videos. Like this customer testimonial video example from codecademy:

These are all good examples of how to use video to engage your customer and they can easily be adapted to the industry you operate in. Don’t forget that you do not have to be a video expert to start creating video, with VIBBIO anyone can create professional videos without any hassle. 

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Tina Wold

Tina Wold

Content Manager