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Tina Wold   |  

April 03 2020

5 handy Netflix hacks 📺

It's the beginning of April, the sun is out, and spring has finally sprung. But we are stuck inside, eyes locked on the screen, exploring the life of a man breeding tigers...? The whole situation is a bit confusing and frustrating.

But hang in there - it will hopefully get better soon. And I promise, there are other things to watch on Netflix than Tiger King (although we do recommend watching that as well). 💁

As a regular binge-watcher, I've been saving up some Netflix tips for a rainy day. Here are 5 Netflix hacks that might come in handy in these staying-at-home-days. And as a bonus, we've gathered our favorite binge-worthy Netflix shows at the end of the article.A bowl of popcorn

1.Sometimes, Netflix, it’s like you don’t even know me at all! 😥

Tip number one: Don’t settle for the recommendations Netflix gives you. You are missing out on so many great series and movies because they think they've got you all figured out.

Just because you like romcoms, does not mean that that’s the ONLY genre you like. Because, let's face it, you probably have a more complex personality than that.

Because Netflix works on algorithms, they will recommend movies and TV-shows based on the things you’ve already watched to create a more personalized experience for you. But this can fast turn into a spiral you just want to get out of.


Here’s what you can do to access more content:

A standard Netflix account comes with 5 profiles, and you can choose what profile you want to use when logging in. What you can do is create different profiles for different genres or tastes. So you can, for example, have one profile dedicated to Indie movies and another to the Horror genre.

By customizing your profiles like this, you can get suggestions on more of the same type of content in that specific genre.

I know it’s more of a workaround of the problem than actually solving it, but it works to some extent. By doing this, you can have genre-specific profiles and "train" every Netflix profile for a certain mood or genre. This is a great way to get more out of the streaming service, and watch more of the great content that’s out there!


2. Yes, I know it's been 6 hours, but I am still watching..  

person watching TV

Don’t even get me started on how annoying this one is. We literally have NOWHERE TO GO, so yes, Netflix, we are still watching. There is a way you can get Netflix off your back though, but it requires a browser extension.

I recently came across this Google Chrome extension called Never Ending Netflix, which I am fascinated to try out. This extension, however, would only work for when you're watching Netflix in your browser.

With the Never Ending Netflix extension, you can (allegedly) automatically play next episode of whatever show you're binging, search over 3000 genres, and, yes, you can skip the "Are you still watching?"-messages. Hurray! 🎊


3. Use category codes

This hack is some years old now, but it's still my favorite! With this hack, you can check out all sorts of categories that you usually wouldn't even know existed, simply by adding a code at the end of a URL.

Again, this is something that will only work when watching Netflix in a browser, as you have to edit the URL.

Radiotimes.com have listed a bunch of secret codes in this article (even though I'm sure there are more) and you can pick a category that seems interesting and test it out. Click here to get to the list.  


All YOU have to do is this:

Log onto Netflix in your browser and type this URL: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/

Then add the code to the category you want to explore at the end of that URL.

So your final URL would, for example, look like this: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/12762

And voila, you have now found all the content under the category Basketball Movies in your area. Now, who wouldn't want to check that out? 🙋


4. Host remote movie nights with friends

If you're all by yourself and miss having movie nights with your friends, there are also options that can help you sort that out!

  • Netflix Party: Download the Netflix Party extension and watch your favorite content while talking with your friends in the built-in group chat. Audio or video is unfortunately not available. But, if you prefer sitting in silence together when watching your shows, this can be perfect for you. You can read more about Netflix Party here: https://www.netflixparty.com/

  • TwoSeven: This is also an extension you'll need to download, and edit in the settings to make it work specifically for Netflix. With TwoSeven, you can not only chat with your friends while watching your favorite shows, you can actually see them and talk with them as well. Check it out here: https://twoseven.xyz/

  • The Old School way: If you don't want to download yet another extension, you can also do it the old-school way. Gather your friends in your chosen video chat tool (like Google hangouts, Zoom, Skype, Whereby, etc.) and watch the movie together there. One of you can play the movie on your computer, and share the screen with the rest. Note that the quality can vary depending on your internet connection.

You can get even more options on how to remotely watch movies with your friends in this article.


5.If you’re really bored, play Netflix Roulette

This game is amazing for when you simply just can't decide on what to watch. If you’ve never been there, the chances of it happening now are quite high, so pay attention.

The whole point of the game is to randomly select a movie to watch. The "old school" manual version of the game Netflix Roulette is very fun if you’re 2 or more people. 

If you just want to push a button, you can also play Netflix Roulette over at ReelGood here.

roulette table

But this is how we usually play it on Apple TV:

You take turns closing your eyes and saying stop, while another player controls the remote and scrolls... until you say stop.

In the first round, you scroll and decide on a genre.

Round two, it's the next player's turn to close their eyes, and the sub-genre or category will be decided on.

For round three, you switch player again, closing their eyes and choosing the actual movie.

Everyone has one veto each and can refuse to watch a movie. But then the game starts all over again. Be careful with your veto though, you only have one...


I hope some of these hacks were useful. If you're just completely stuck, and can't even lift the remote control to choose what to watch, or you're not into playing Netflix Roulette, here's a variety of binge-worthy recommendations from us here at VIBBIO:


Marianne, Founder and CEO recommends:

  • Ozark, Broadchurch, Homeland and Good Girls

Alexandra, VP Product recommends:

  • Please Like Me and Pokémon

Mirja, VP Operations recommends:

  • Ozark, Altered Carbon, The Spy, Homeland and The Crown

Krista, Account Executive recommends:

  • Abstract, Unsolved, and My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman

Ibrahim, Account Executive recommends:

  • The Crown, Babies, Our Planet, and Night on Earth

Richard, Content Developer recommends:

  • Family Guy and Our Planet

Ine, Marketing Manager recommends:

  • Unbelievable, Love is Blind, and all things Studio Ghibli.

Tina, Content Manager recommends:

  • When They See Us, The OA, Mindhunter, Arrested Development and New Girl.


Tina Wold

Tina Wold

Content Manager