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How can I improve my communication efforts?

Sometimes it can feel like all the communication efforts that you do dwindle into nothingness, and although they are very necessary, they do not produce the results you are hoping for. Whether the content is meant for external or internal communication it can be just as difficult to engage people with your content. So how can you get more out of your communication efforts? We are sharing some of our best tips on how to improve your communication efforts so that your message gets heard.

Make sure your content reflects what people are actually looking for

Often we create content that reflects both what we want to share, but also what we think we can give of useful information. However, this might not always be the type of content people are searching for despite it being useful to them.

So take a step back and start with doing some research on what content people are looking for. You can then adjust your content to fit that and get more attention, while still getting your message across and giving valuable content to your audience.

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Variety of content

It is easy to create what we know and what we know we are good at, but it is important to test and try different ways of connecting with your audience. This way, your content won't be repetitive, and it can also give you the opportunity to reach a larger audience by giving your audience more opportunity to interact with your content through the medium they prefer.

Consistency is key

People need to be reminded of your message more than once. So don't be afraid to repost content or create multiple content pieces with the same message.

You can also re-target people who have interacted with your content before with similar messages so that you make sure they don't forget you right away.

A frequent stream of content will, in addition, give your audience predictability and can lead you to become their go-to site for information on the topics you specialize in or lead them to frequently come back to see what new deals you have going.

Visual content

Create content that your audience prefers and that engages them but also makes them take in more of your message. Did you know that:

By communicating your message through video, more of your audience will not only see your content but also actually take in the message you are relaying.

Use video to for example promote eGuides to capture leads or to give your potential customers a demo of your product. Video is also a great way to keep your customers in the loop on updates and news from your company.

By making these adjustments to your communication strategy you will hopefully see better response to your communication efforts, so that your messages doesn't go unseen.

If you want to implement more video to your internal or external communication you can sign up to our easy to use video creation platform below and get a 30-day free VIBBIO account so you can start communicating like a pro.

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Ine Autzen

Ine Autzen

Marketing Manager