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Ine Autzen   |  

September 24 2019

How to create growth with video marketing.

As marketers, a large part of the role consists of creating leads for sale or direct sales. This job is easier said than done, with restricted budgets and big expectations finding the right way to create results that will make your CMO happy is essential.

Video is becoming the preferred method for consumers to receive information, with reports showing us that:

So there is no doubt adding more video content to your marketing strategy will enable more growth for your company. With these statistics and the many more confirming that video is the format that converts more leads and sales, the idea of creating tons of video marketing content should be an easy sell to marketers, right?

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Well, there are also other factors to consider when starting with video. Some of the common obstacles preventing marketers from creating as much video content they would want to include:

  • A feeling of lack of knowledge or expertise.
  • Unsure on how to get started with video creation.
  • Fear that it will be too expensive and time-consuming.
  • The idea that it will be necessary to hire external resources.

But there are solutions to these problems.

Gif of Jennifer Aniston dressed up as a cheerleader in FriendsFirst off, you do not have to spend countless hours learning premiere pro to be able to become a good video creator, you just need the right tools! The most important thing is that you have a tool that allows you to create professional video content without spending hours on it. As content creators we know just planning and writing content takes time, so making that content into a video shouldn't be another hurdle, but something that is fun and easy. Having the right tools available will also help you reduce costs and eliminate the need for external resources.

Another obstacle mentioned is that it can be difficult to know where to start. When first starting with video creation it can seem a bit overwhelming, but if you think about it, it is just as creating any other form of content. You decide on your topic and the goals of the content piece, then planning how to best communicate it. For video that could be with an interview, text or voiceover, all depending on what you believe will be the best way to deliver the message and engage your audience.

Examples of content that are great for lead generation, sales and growth that works well to have as a video is:

  • Customer stories
  • Product showcase
  • Tips and tricks
  • Event invitations and re-caps
  • Thought leadership

Growing your business with video shouldn't be more complicated then it needs to be, and should be easily incorporated into your overall growth strategy. This blog post just touches on why and how to get started with video creation to grow your business, if this sparked your interest you can download our e-guide on the topic. Here we go deeper into why and how to create growth through video!

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Ine Autzen

Ine Autzen

Marketing Manager