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How to incorporate video into your inbound strategy

When marketing in the B2B market, businesses often decide to follow an inbound marketing strategy, catching leads at the awareness stage, then nurturing them through the different stages of the buyers journey until they are ready to purchase.

This is a strategy that when it works, it can work very well. But that doesn't mean it is easy to create a successful inbound strategy. Finding the correct way to capture the right leads and keeping them interested is both about creating content that has the right message but also delivering those messages in exciting and engaging ways.

With 66% of consumers reporting that they prefer watching a video to reading about a product or service, it is no wonder that 41% of B2B marketers that responded to Sagefrog Marketing Group's survey said they would use video as part of their strategy in 2020.

These statistics are just two drops in the ocean, because all reports indicate that consumer behavior has changed, both in the B2C market and the B2B market, and videos are proven to be some of the top-performing marketing content.

So let us take a look at how to implement video as an element in each step of your inbound strategy, making it easy to give your leads valuable content in a format they prefer.

Top of funnel – Videos to capture leads

One of the most common ways to get leads into a funnel is by offering a content piece, such as an eGuide or a report, in exchange for an email address. But how do we get the audience to notice the content piece and spark enough interest for them to want to download it? Instead of just promoting the content piece with a picture and text, you can create a video to give them an idea of what they can expect to learn in a more engaging way. 

Here is an example of a video we created to promote one of our eGuides. It's a very simple video, with just an interview and some text and stock footage, but it generated great results for us.

Marketing X Brand 3 (11)


Middel and bottom of funnel - Videos to nurture leads through the stages

When your leads have entered a workflow, it is important to keep them engaged with your content. A good way of doing this is by giving them some variety of content. Not everything you send to your leads will resonate with them, but by including video you have the potential to increase your CTR with 65% and decrease you unsubscribers by 26%.

Although we are lumping the middle- and bottom of the funnel content into one paragraph here, it is obviously different types of videos that fit for the different stages in your customer journey.

For middle of the funnel content, thought leadership videos or webinars can be a good idea. For these types of videos, you can for example set up an interview with a colleague that's an expert on a specific topic to share valuable knowledge with potential customers. You can promote the video in emails by including a clickable gif that will take the viewer to the interview. Below is an example of a short gif we use in emails to promote a thought leadership video we created.

Gif of intro to thought leadership video

For bottom of the funnel content, you can send people a customer story video. Instead of creating a written customer testimonial, make it into a video! Having your customers directly tell other potential customers why your product or service has been valuable to them is a lot more powerful and trustworthy than saying it yourself. 

Another good bottom of the funnel video option is a demo of your product or service. Creating a video demo where your potential customers can get an overview without having to schedule time with a sales representative lets them get the information on their own term when it suits them.

full_hd (2)


Customer Success - Videos to keep customers

When your leads have reached the end of the funnel, hopefully some of them have turned into customers. But just because they have become a customer, it doesn't mean their journey is done. Now is the time to give them the material they need to be successful, so they will want to stay a customer. And let's not forget: 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for great customer experience.

You can use video to give your customers best practice examples and to inspire them to get the most out of their purchase. By spending the time setting up a good help center with easy and informative videos, you can turn your customers into your best advocates. The example below is from our own best practice series meant to help guide our customers to success with video.

full_hd (3)



These are all simple ways of incorporating video into your customer journey to create growth for your company while also giving your consumers valuable content in the communication format they prefer. Now get creating!


Ine Autzen

Ine Autzen

Marketing Manager