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How to keep your internal communications going strong

Many businesses are switching to home-office as we all must do what we can to protect our society and everyone in it. But the change from working together in an office to suddenly working alone can be difficult, especially when it comes to keeping the line of communication going strong.

As an office that has had part of our team working remotely for about two years, one of the things we have had to focus on is communication. Especially sharing what we are working on, updates from departments and other information to keep everyone in the loop. Video is a perfect way to do just that. Video lets us communicate clearly and it gives you the chance to communicate a lot of information in a short formed and effective way where you can both show and tell.

That is why we have opened our video creation tool up for everyone to get a free account for 30-days, so you can stay connected with your co-workers, give updates to your team on projects and provide news and updates to all employees.


Free 30 Days of VIBBIO


To get you started, we have come up with some examples on how your business can use video to keep the internal communication going while not working in the same space.


Share project updates

Keep co-workers updated on the progress of projects and ongoing work. Usually, businesses have regular meetings with status updates where people show the progress. Switching these up to short videos to show how projects and work is an efficient way to keep everyone in the loop.

Share updates:

Create a video to show your progress. Both numbers and other updates on how your team is doing. Below is a simple example of how you can use video to give the rest of your team or management a look into how things are going.

Share work:

Sharing work is important when working remotely. As we always say, it doesn't need to be done or perfect, but always share with the team because it is fun, but also relevant, to see what others are working on. Take a screen recording of your computer to show your work and you can explain what you are working on at the same time. Show and tell!


Messages and news

In these times there is an increased need to keep employees updated on messages and news. There might be a need for more frequent updates from leadership or complicated messages to go out to a large audience. Video allows for the opportunity to communicate messages in a clear and personal way while working remotely.

Keeping the communication ongoing when there is a lot of change is important. Give employees the information they need on topics that is important for them to be updated on and reminded of.

Remember that when you create a video, it doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be clear. Filming with your phone or your webcam is just as effective as long as you keep the information straightforward.

A great example of how to use VIBBIO and video to spread important information is the example below from our customer Capgemini Norway who is using video to update employees and customers about cybersecurity during home office.


Training and new routines

During times with lots of change, there might be an increased need for new routines and training. Video is an easy way to send tutorials and learning material to update people on new working routines or training of new tools.

Share screen recordings of how to use new tools, or videos with updates on how the new work routines should be now in these new times of remote work.

Below is an example of how to use video to send updates to everyone on routines that will help the company adjust to a new working day.


As mentioned this is a critical time for many companies and good communication within the organization is as important as ever.

VIBBIO wants to help make this a little easier for companies. That's why we are giving everyone a free VIBBIO test account for 30 days so you can create short and clear video messages to send to colleagues and customers.

The account includes: seats for 5 team members, all video formats, branding customized to your company, and access to free stock & video clips.

Free 30 Days of VIBBIO


Ine Autzen

Ine Autzen

Marketing Manager