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Introducing the color palette for your brand

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Christmas came early this year: we stuffed some stockings with extra colors! 🎅🎄🎨

We've heard from our customers that they wanted more color options for their videos. Many have quite extensive color palettes in their brand guidelines, so it made sense to add functionality for more color in their branded videos.

More colors are only the start though: we're bringing more flexibility to the projects without jeopardising your brand.

Screenshot of the application interface showing the new color palette


What is new?

Brand profiles now have a color palette section to which you can add as many color as you need. The resulting palette is then used in a couple of places.

  • You are now able to choose any color from your palette as the standard background for your outro logo
  • You can now choose any combination of colors from your palette for text and background to set the standard look and feel on messages, name tags and subtitles, and set their background to any opacity
  • You can use any color from your palette as text or background on text posters right from your projects
  • You're not longer required to choose a standard alignment for messages and posters in your brand profile; it's all set in the projects where you can see it all come together

What's next?

Over the next couple of months, messages and name tags will receive the same flexible color functionality within projects that the posters got in this update.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that brand consistency is one of the most important aspects when creating content for today's attention economy. Therefore, we strive to give you the controls you need to safely experiment.

With these controls in place, we think you should be able to apply your brand flexibly to each individual project. Introducing palettes and color options on posters is the first step in this journey.

And now that we're all getting ready for the holiday season, go add a splash of color to your videos! 🎄🌟

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Alexandra Leisse

Alexandra Leisse

VP of Product