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Explore how to maximize the potential of video communication in your marketing, HR, or internal comms role.

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Internal communication, Internal Communications videos, HR

How To Use Video To Ensure Employee Growth

As an HR-professional you want to make sure that there's a certain level of effectiveness at every stage of the...

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Internal communication

Using Video To Communicate Messages About Organizational Change

As an internal comms professional you need to deliver messages of all kinds to your colleagues, including messages...

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Video marketing strategy, Marketing videos

How to create growth with video marketing.

As marketers, a large part of the role consists of creating leads for sale or direct sales. This job is easier said...

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Renovations VIBBIO style

This summer, my partner and I spent quite a bit of time to get our house in order. Quite literally. Several years...

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Why we re-branded our entire profile

As a startup, it's usual to go through changes and grow as a company, and after a couple of years and a lot of...

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Marketing, Sales

Why you should use video in your emails

During an ordinary working week, you probably get a ton of sales emails. Do you read all of them, or do you skim...

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