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Renovations VIBBIO style

This summer, my partner and I spent quite a bit of time to get our house in order. Quite literally. Several years worth of children's clothes and toys had accumulated in our basement and—to be perfectly honest—everywhere else. The hallway needed some paint, the garage was overflowing with old and no longer needed items. It was the usual mess every family stows away somewhere, I suppose.

Now, if this domestic project was inspired by what the VIBBIO product team had agreed to do before our summer break, or if it was the other way around, I am not sure. Either way, they feel eerily connected. Or maybe it's just the Zeitgeist.

Gif of Marie Kondo carrying a bag of clothes

In some sense, digital products are like the family basement. They are full of things that once were useful but that the family has outgrown over time. Whatever is stored there is not really in the way for anyone, but you know that your shelves aren't really cutting it, and piling everything on the floor will only get you so far.

It is constantly lingering in the back of your mind, and you worry that at some point, one of the shelves will simply fall off the wall.

Remodelling the library

Most tech startups build things that feel like good ideas at the time but the more you learn, the less of a good idea it turns out to be. Then you add onto those not-so-great ideas, and make what you have mostly work for what you need, but you know you will have to do it properly eventually. Just not right now.

You know, like the storage in the family basement. In some way, the VIBBIO Library was our basement.

Before summer we finally bit the bullet, and started on a complete overhaul. The goal was not only to merely improve what we had up to now, but to rebuilt the foundation so it would carry us through the coming years. Now we don't only have to worry about a shelf coming crashing down in the middle of the night anymore, we now have shelves that fit the space and our needs.

screenshot of the library in VIBBIO

We did make a lot of improvements that have direct impact on the user experience for our customers while we remodelled. The library is definitely faster than before, upload and processing statuses for clips are a lot more clear, and it's easier to scan the thumbnails for the right item. You can read all about what has changed in this article.

Alexandra Leisse

Alexandra Leisse

VP of Product