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Tina Wold   |  

January 15 2019

Top 3 Video Trends For 2019

You can’t predict the future, but we still have a few thoughts on video trends in 2019. Here are 3 video trends that we think you should be looking at in order to stay ahead in the new year.

#1 Personalized Videos For Sales And Marketing

The competition for attention has also reached video, and personalized videos are a simple and effective way to grab the attention of your target audience. In line with a general personalization within marketing, we will see a lot more personalized videos during 2019.

Where To Start With Personalized Videos?:
Creating personalized videos does not need to be that complicated. When you send and email, you usually start by writing the name of the recipient, and end the email with your own name. An email can easily be transformed into a personalized video and the most innovative sales representatives have already started doing it. Start the video with the name of the recipient. The name can be added into the video as text, and doesn’t necessarily need to be spoken. Use the video to present yourself and your purpose. Keep in mind that the video should be short, to-the-point and consistent with the rest of the email.

By adding a video to your sales emails (inbound or outbound) you will see a much higher engagement rate, at the same time as it will make you stand out from your competitors.

You can read more about why you should add videos to your sales emails in our blog post "Why incorporate video to the sales process".

#2 Short-Lived Content On Social Media

Short-lived content on social media refers to stories! The most popular ones are stories on Instagram and Snapchat, where the stories disappear after only 24 hours. Video content rules social media, and in 2019, stories are going to become even more important. Here’s why:

With stories you can allow yourself to be more personal and spontaneous. It’s the ultimate way to give your audience the feeling of actually knowing the company, the brand or the product. Stories are also well suited to create extra attention around a product or launching of news. And if you’re going to hire new employees in 2019, the HR-department of your company should definitely look into stories for employer branding.

#3 Explainer Videos

Companies spend a lot of time explaining their products and services, over and over again. Simple explainer videos simply do it for you. As video becomes more accessible (and cheaper), we predict that explainer videos will become a must-have in 2019.

Where To Start With An Explainer Video?:

  • A product or a service often solves a problem. A good way to open an explainer video is to present this problem, in an environment that is recognizable for the audience.
  • What do you need to explain? Ask your sales representatives – they will know.
  • Keep it simple. It does not have to be fancy. 30-90 seconds in length and about 200 words in the script.
Tina Wold

Tina Wold

Content Manager