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Marie Buin   |  

November 12 2019

Top 7 Social Media Trends In 2020

Videos in social media marketing are nothing new. Did you know that by 2022, it's estimated that nearly four-fifths of the world's mobile data traffic will be video? So if your company hasn't started using video yet, it's time. Here are some social media trends that we find interesting in 2020.

No more likes on Facebook and Instagram

Yes, you read it correctly. Facebook, who owns Instagram, is hiding likes on both their platforms. This doesn't mean that you can't like posts anymore, but only the person posting can see how many likes have received.

Instagram has already started testing this in Australia. Since July, it has not been possible to like pictures and videos. On Facebook, you will still be able to react and like posts as usual, but you can't see how many liked the post.

Facebook wants to do this to help people post more on Facebook and Instagram without the "competition" on who gets more likes. The metrics for businesses on Instagram and Facebook will be the same.


How will this effect the influencer business?

The influencer market has grown drastically for the past years, and there are now influencers on all types of subjects. The way influencers make money is through paid advertising and sponsorships. The amount of money they earn depends on how many followers they get and how many likes they get on a picture. Since this is the way many makes a living, some will buy fake followers, so it looks like, at first glans, that they have a considerable following. Fake followers can be bought through different websites, and these fake followers won't be engaging with the content of the influencers.

An easy way to check if someone has bought fake followers is to see if the amount of followers correlates with how many likes they get on one picture. If someone has 100k followers and only gets 500 likes on their photos, they have likely bought fake followers.

When Instagram now has decided that they'll hide the number of likes, this will get tricky, and it's forcing influencers to be more transparent. If you are considering teaming up whit an influencer in 2020, ask them to show their stats on Instagram, and look for days they have gotten way too many followers than average. The sellers of fake followers have been getting smarter and smarter, so now it's possible to buy 30k followers who will tick inn through a year. Therefore go through their followers and look for abnormalities.  For example, it's not normal for a Norwegian influencer to have tons of Russian followers unless you are one of the stars from the Norwegian hit show SKAM. As the sellers are getting smarter, so are we, so if you want to check if an influencer has bought fake followers, you can easily do so on websites like Woomio.

Instagram Storefronts

Instagram storefronts are expected to grow. With this function, you can add a link to your product directly to a picture – just like when you tag a person. The link will take the customer to a site where they can have a closer look at, and hopefully buy your product. This will make it easier to market specific products on Instagram, which is an advantage when 60% of users discover new products on Instagram. You can use Instagram Storefronts as long as you have a connected Facebook account and an Instagram business account. Here's an example from Instagram's website.

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Facebook Horizon

Facebook will launch Facebook Horizon in closed beta in early 2020. This means that they are not finished with the beta. So for instance, the world builder mode is not going to be available when they launch. Facebook Horizon is a VR massive- multiplayer world. Here you can play, hang out with your friends, and create and build in the world builder. We don't know much more about this, but you can watch a video from Facebook Horizon here. One thing is for sure, VR is the hot new thing.

Social media detox

Social media detox is a real thing, and it's happening now. In a survey made by Exposure Ninja, 36% of respondents answered that their social media usage had decreased the past 12 months. As many as 30% responded that they had deleted social media apps from their phones, and the most popular app to delete is Facebook.

There can be many different reasons as to why we see people starting to move away from social media platforms. One reason could be the social pressure to get the most likes and followers. Another reason may be that people have waisted too much valuable time on the apps. Will this change when Facebook hides the likes? Or perhaps apps like Minutiae will take over?

Minutiae is an app that is going against the standard social media platforms. It's an anonymous anti-social media app that forces its users to document the in-between moments of life. Once a day at a random time, you get an alert, to which you have one minute to respond, and then five seconds to take a picture of what's in front of you. You can then either watch your own pictures, or the pictures of another anonymous person for one minute, and then you can't do anything on the app until the next alert. This is probably not the new big social media platform, and it's not supposed to be either, but it's a nice break from normal everyday-life. 

Social media is the new customer service

I'm not saying that the usual ways of contacting customer support, like calling our emailing, are in any danger of going extinct, but social media is climbing up there. Customers want fast answers, and they may think that it will take too long to get an answer on email, so social media is the next best thing. 42% of customers complaining on social media expect a response within an hour, and 32% expect a response within 30 minutes. This means that you have to be on your toes at all times. 56% will never use a company again after poor customer service.

If you want to see a good example of excellent customer service, take a look at "Function of beauty" on Instagram. They have insightful answers to their customer's questions in their comments and are referring their customers to their direct messages (also called DMs).


TikTok is one of the fastest growing apps out there. From Q1 2018, it has grown 70%, with 110 million users installing the app for the first time. These numbers are from 10. April 2019. TikTok is growing so fast that even social media giant Facebook is talking about it. The Verge recently published an article with text and audio from internal meetings at Facebook, where Mark Zuckerberg answers questions from employees. In the meetings, Zuckerberg is talking about their new product called Lasso that they want to launch in the countries where TikTok isn't already big. They have already launched in Mexico and USA. Zuckerberg is also talking about improving some of Instagram's features to compete with TikTok. Some of the features is for instance that the explore page is more focused on stories.


Instagram-, Snapchat-, and Facebook stories are increasing in popularity, and 4/5 of major brands are already creating stories. Stories are a more relaxed way to convey simple messages and give an insight into how you work. Stories are now growing 15 times faster than feed-based sharing. Stories can be time-consuming to make, but keep it simple; the customers want to see you. You don't need to make it into a big thing. Stories are for you to share a short teaser of a new product, show how you are working, live-streaming an event, or other quick and easy glimpse into your business. 

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Marie Buin

Marie Buin

Marketing Intern