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Why incorporate video to the sales process

There are many ways that sales can implement video that will lead to a more efficient and personalized sales journey, which will benefit both the prospect and the seller. Below are three ways to use video as part of the sales process to hit those numbers and get more out of your leads!

1. Make It Personal

The sales process can be long and time consuming, people often want a personal touch and follow up, but sales have many leads and meetings to navigate so time is limited. Video can help give personality to your potential customers early on, while saving time for you to focus on the leads further down the funnel.

A personal video can be a video of you introducing yourself and giving a short sales pitch, which can be further explained in the email. This will set your email apart from other sales emails and also give it that personal feel early on. The video doesn’t have to be glossy and fancy, but rather focus on keeping it personal and relatable.

Here is an example of a simple way to reach out to a prospect using video:

2. Explain It Better

If given the offer between learning about a product or service by video or text, 72% said they want video. Especially if your product or service is a little complex, you can end up with a long and complicated text that can potentially overwhelm the reader. So incorporating a video explaining and showing your product or service can help shorten the explanation time, increase the interest in your product and give you a higher response rate.

Here are a couple of examples of explainer videos, one that is an animation and one that is not. Both work, but the key is to explain the product/service and the value it will give to your potential customers.

3. Ask Happy Customers Sell It For You

We all know the best way to sell is for your happy customers to do it for you. Taking the time to create a few customer testimonials is worth it, because showing potential new customers the value you have given to others is one of your strongest selling points.

You can easily have a link in your email to a landing page where these videos can live together with some more information about your product, as well as a call to action to contact sales or sign up for a trial.

Here is an example of a great customer testimonial video from Code Academy. They chose to put all the testimonials in one video, but it is also easy to split multiple interviews up into individual ones for more content if you want.

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Ine Autzen

Ine Autzen

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