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Ine Autzen   |  

September 17 2019

Why we re-branded our entire profile

As a startup, it's usual to go through changes and grow as a company, and after a couple of years and a lot of growth, it was time for a major change for our company. Over the last couple of months, we have worked on renewing our entire brand profile, new colors, logos, look, and website!

We had for a while felt that we had outgrown our old profile. The branding felt both limited and too much at the same time, so we wanted our new profile to be both sleeker and software in style, but also give us more room to play. However, we didn't want to completely lose our identity, so our challenge was to find the perfect balance of how to keep our core elements, while at the same time making our profile more modern and fun. We won't take you through all the changes that have been made, but here are some of the most noticeable ones!

Step one was to expand our color palette so we would have more to play with, and we went from having only a few primary colors all in a form of blue, to now having one primary color palette with blues, and a secondary palette with a lot of bright colors to help our brand stand more out and give ourselves more colors to work with.


VIBBIO's old color pallette.


VIBBIO's new color pallette with primary and secondary colors

The second big change to our profile is our new logos. We wanted to keep our logo recognizable, just update it so it felt less bulky and more polished. We wanted a main logo, but also a second one we could use as an icon which would still be easily recognized as part of our brand. In our new logo we also now have a lot more opportunities to play with our colors and changing it up a little.


Old main VIBBIO logo

Old VIBBIO circle logo


New VIBBIO logo with letters


New VIBBIO watermark logo

With the new branding and website, we have also taken a new look at our content and information on the website. We want our language to stay playful and ours, but to better communicate both the value of VIBBIO and why switching up your communication and using video is valuable. Since our preferred method of communication obviously is video we have created a new video, both incorporating our new brand and our new tag line "Switch it Up, Switch it On". Check it out below!

Ine Autzen

Ine Autzen

Marketing Manager