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Marie Buin   |  

September 12 2019

Why you should use video in your emails

During an ordinary working week, you probably get a ton of sales emails. Do you read all of them, or do you skim through? My guess is that you skim through and probably skip most of them. Using video in your emails can boost your open rate and your click through rate. 

What does the statistic say? 

Before I start telling you why I think you should use video in your intro email to a potential customer, I want to refer to some statistics form HubSpot's Global Report, State of Inbound 2018. The report use statistics from 6200 respondents from 99 different countries. To the question "What is more difficult to do in sales compared to 2 to 3 years ago?" 40% answered getting a response from prospects, and 20% answered connecting via email. They also asked customers, "How do you prefer to communicate for business purposes?" 83% answered via email.

We have all gotten a few intro emails from sales reps, some of them are interesting, and some of them are not. We get an overload of messages every day, depending on what situation we are in, we understand them differently. As a sales representative you want to stand out. By being the only one with a video in their sales pitch, you are going to be remembered. By sending a video to a potential buyer, you make your self, and your company more memorable.

The humanization 

When sending a standard sales pitch email in text form, it can often lead to misinterpretations. If you create a video instead, it's easier to show the potential customer the tone of the message. Do you want to be engaging, serious, or playful? It's hard to convey these emotions via email. Sending a video makes communications relaxed and faster. This will help you humanize your message, by humanizing a message, it will become more memorable.

Another way to humanizing a video sales pitch is to treat it like a speech. When you are preparing for a speech, it's vital to think about effective oral style. An effective oral style is the visual, vocal, and verbal aspects of the delivery of a message. When talking to your potential buyer, try to use engaging language, like a rhetorical question or a short outburst "Oh, will you look at that." Try to use their name as well, so the recipient knows, this is a message just for them. "Oh, will you look at that Marie." That way, the video is more engaging.

Convey more information

Not only is it more engaging to send a video, but you could also say much more in a video than in a standard email. You don't want to bore your reader by sending a long email, and most likely, the reader won't even read all of it. By attaching a video to your mail, the watcher won't notice how much information they are getting, and viewers are 95% more likely to remember a call to action, compared to 10% when reading a text.

It's important to be memorable for the right reasons. Be aware of the surroundings around you when making the video. Surroundings include the sounds, the background, and the people around you. Creating a video isn't difficult. With VIBBIO anyone can easily create engaging videos without having video editing experience. If you want to read more about creating a higher number of leads with video, download our free e-guide below!Download now: Elevating your lead generation strategy with video creation

Marie Buin

Marie Buin

Marketing Intern