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Three Ideas For Video Marketing

Today, video is a vital part of marketing strategy. Even though it has several qualities, video is especially good for three things: getting your audience engaged, making a good impression, and creating loads and loads of visibility for your brand in social media. Using video is in other words a WIN, WIN, WIN situation. That’s right, 3X WIN.

Here are three highly relevant examples to what you as a startup founder could (and should) use video marketing today.

video marketing ideas


Including a video in your pitch deck can really make an impact, and will likely leave a much greater impression than just the same old powerpoint they’ve seen hundreds of times before. There are several options here – you could for example make a video about the problem that you want to solve, the traction you have received so far, or as a call to action at the end of the presentation.


It’s all about being visible. If you don’t have a strong social media presence, you will become invisible in the stream of content. The key her is *drum roll* ENGAGEMENT. If you have several target groups, you can easily tailor the same video content to reach each of them – for example through making slight changes to the language/tone of voice, or the people you show in the video.

It doesn’t need to be so complicated; in 2016, we made a Facebook video for the Norwegian startup No Isolation. It got over 100,000 organic views from all over the world, and led to a boost in traction and visibility that would have been much harder to get without the success of this video. It’s SO simple, but SO effective!


If you are planning to run a crowdfunding campaign through sites like Kickstarter, including video as a key part of that campaign is a smart move. It makes sense – even if the sum is small, there is a high barrier to investing in a product you have only read about online. Creating a video where you show your product in use and also make an appearance yourself will help you reach potential buyers in a more personal way.

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