Video solutions for the workplace.
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Internal communication

Drive employee engagement with video. Reach all employees and keep the workplace connected, informed, and updated.

  • Employee introduction

  • New brand launch

  • Quarterly results

  • Employer branding

  • Internal office update

  • Monthly update report

Recruitment & onboarding

Create winning onboarding experiences to set new employees up for success. Highlight your company's work culture, introduce key people, and showcase the opportunity to attract and win the right talent.

  • Recruitment video

  • Job advert

  • Employee onboarding

Training & learning

Turn traditional classroom training into engaging and easy-to-remember videos. From corporate training to introducing new procedures and tools.

  • Employee training

  • Warehouse training

  • How-to

  • Thought leadership

  • Customer service training video

Project management

Achieve efficient and highly engaging project updates and stakeholder communication. Present project updates, status reports, and showcase your end results.

  • New brand launch

  • Project team presentation

  • Stakeholder update

Internal events

Promote your next company event with video. Boost engagement, and drive interest before and after the event.

  • Internal events calendar

  • Event recap

  • Social event invite

Marketing & sales

Whether you need to get your brand noticed, drive more leads, or engage with an external audience, using video makes the strongest impact on every stage of the funnel.

  • Eguide promotion

  • Video ad

  • Blog post teaser

  • Webinar promotion

  • Webinar teaser

  • Product promotion

  • Sales follow-up

  • Sales & marketing demo

  • Online event promotion

  • Customer testimonial

  • Social media promo

  • Customer testimonial

  • Sale promotion

  • SoMe promotion

  • Product advertisement

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