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What is a smart video and how to create it?

There’s no secret that there is an overload of videos on social media platforms today. Every business want to have their moment in the spotlight and put loads of effort into creating marketing videos with little or no success.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that not all videos are smart videos. For a video to be smart it needs to have a hook, be short, fully texted and targeted. 

Have A Hook 

According to Locowise, the average viewing time for videos on Facebook is 10 seconds or 4% of the full video length. This means that you need to engage your audience from the first second. 

Your videos must therefore always start off with a great hook.  You can do this for example with a powerful quote or an interesting, stunning or attention grabbing image or video clip. 

Whatever direction you choose, the point is that you engage your audience so that they stay and watch the entire video. You only have about three seconds to grab your viewer’s attention, so you should make the most out of it! 

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Keep It Short 

Videos on social media should always be short, and the length of your video should mainly be decided by the platform you post it on. But our attention span is short and we recommend that you always keep your videos under one minute long.

Short 15-30 seconds “teasers” work well on Instagram, while you can make longer videos for Facebook. But make sure you always think “bite-sized pieces”. 

It’s much better to divide your content into several short videos than trying to squeeze all the information into a long one.

Fully Texted 

Because 90% of video viewers on social media platforms watch video without sound on, it’s crucial that you text all your videos. When texting your videos, it’s much more likely that your audience will keep watching and not scroll past you.

The social media platforms are created to make it as easy and “pain-free” as possible for their users to consume the information presented in videos, and that’s why viewers have the option to watch videos without sound. As marketers, it’s only wise to go along with this and text all videos. 


General information generally reaches nobody, and that’s why it’s vital that you are clear about who you want to reach with your videos. You should create specific content for specific audiences, and always be aware of who your audience is!

Make sure that you determine your target audience for your video before you start creating the content. It would also be wise to think about the platform you are posting on: some platforms are better for reaching certain types of audiences than others.

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