Add Videos To Your Emails

Why You Should Add Videos To Your Emails

As a sales rep, you are probably always trying to find ways to up your email game to get prospects to open and interact with your emails. Here are some reasons why you should add videos to your emails, and how to do it! 

Why you should use videos in emails?

If you haven’t included videos in your sales emails at this point, it’s time to get started!  By adding a moving image, you can get much more engagement than simply adding a link. Here are some stats from Hubspot explaining WHY you should add videos to the emails you send out to your prospects:  

  • 65% of executives visit a vendor’s website after viewing a video
  • Adding video to your email can boost click-through rates by 200-300%
  • Video can triple response rates and increase the number of meetings booked by 500%

Video creates more engagement

There is no doubt that your emails will be more interesting when adding moving images to it. If it’s true what they say, that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, then a moving image would be worth so much more! By adding video to your emails, you can limit the text you write and let the video tell the story.  

When including a video in an email, you should specifically add the word “video” in your subject line to let people know that they will get a video when opening the email. A report actually shows that this can increase email open rates by 19%. 

By substituting much of your text with videos in some emails, you can more easily grab the attention of the person on the other side of the screen. Although it’s still difficult to embed full videos in emails, you can still add short clips or GIF’s that leads to the full version of the video that lives on your website.  

Create GIFS: 

Gifs are short animated images that you can create from your videos. Here is an example of a fun gif that we like to use for different purposes: 

Why You Should Implement Videos in Your Emails

When you create a gif from one of your videos, you can add it as an animated video preview in your emails. If interested, your contact can click on your gif and get directed to the full video that should live on your page.  

You can create these gifs from any type of video. You can do a fun little clip to add to your email signature, or it can be much more specific than that. You can for example create gifs from your demo-videos that show specific use cases of your product or service.

In addition, you should add a play button to the gif to encourage clicks. Look at this example that our sales team use in their emails (psst, try clicking on the play button): 

Why You Should Implement Videos in Your Emails

The video marketing platform, Twentythree, is a great tool for publishing and analysing your videos. They also allow you to easily create gifs that you can implement in your emails. 

Add a thumbnail

Although we recommend that you add a moving image to your email, alternatively you could add a thumbnail, or a still image. Make the thumbnail clickable, so that you can lead the recipients of your email to the video that lives somewhere on your website. We know, you haven’t really added a video to the email, but it’s much better than simply copy-pasting a link into the email. Add a play button to the thumbnail as well to make it seem more like a video. 

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