Powerful videos made in minutes

Create training videos, updates, stories, ads, and more – solve all your communication needs with video.

  • VIBBIO for Video

    Effortless and fast video creation

    Lift your communication to a new level with our easy to use interface, branding pre-sets, spacious library and free stock integrations.

  • VIBBIO for Audience

    Attention-winning employee engagement

    Improve your employer branding, internal communications, and brand building with short, engaging videos.

  • VIBBIO for Branding

    Outstanding and easy brand control

    Build brand-recognition and pride in all your communication channels. Branding is set once, safeguarded, and automatically used correctly in any video created.

  • Since we started with VIBBIO, we’ve really been able to up our game

    and we have now dared to take our internal style of video production out to our external audiences as well.

    Madeleine Schøyen Bergli, Head of Communications, Elkjøp Norway


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