The video maker for workplace communication.

VIBBIO makes it easy to create videos that drive employee engagement, simplify complex information, and cut through the noise. Create stand-out communication, covering all stages of the employee experience.

  • Since we started with VIBBIO, we’ve really been able to up our game

    and we have now dared to take our internal style of video production out to our external audiences as well.

    Madeleine Schøyen Bergli, Head of Communications, Elkjøp Norway

  • VIBBIO for Video

    Videos are natural storytellers.

    Take advantage of video storytelling to stand out in the workplace. Drive your most important messages home, and cut through the noise with short and punchy videos. No video experience needed.

A video maker built for the workplace.

Whether you need to communicate a company update or introduce a new hire, VIBBIO is the best way to get your messages across to every employee.

  • Just as simple as making a PowerPoint.
  • Videos created directly in your browser.
  • Instantly ready to share and watch anywhere.

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Created with VIBBIO

  • Employee Onboarding

  • Employee Training

  • Internal Office Update

  • Internal event

All-in-one solution for
creating workplace videos.


Create your own video templates for easy re-use across teams and locations.

1000+ free stocks

Package your videos with free pictures, video clips and music.


Speed up production time with one-click resizing and tailor your videos to fit any screen size and online channel.

Branding & subtitles

Customize your videos with your own branding, and easily add subtitles, name tags and text boxes.

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