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Enhance engagement and upskilling with video

VIBBIO is the ultimate tool for micro-learning. Create short knowledge-sharing and training videos for both employees and external audiences - to engage them with efficient learning.

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Create an engaging learning environment with video

Embrace microlearning by creating engaging and informative videos for your audiences. The combination of text, sound, and visuals gives an optimized learning experience while lowering the cost of quality training for your company. Embracing episodic content to engage and upskill enables really low-friction knowledge-building.

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VIBBIO. Optimized learning

Video has become an integral part of how people consume information, so it’s no surprise that video is now becoming an essential part of training and knowledge sharing.

Short, engaging, and on topic for the audience, video is optimized for efficient learning. Studies show that viewers retain 95% of a message when consumed through video while only 10% with when reading a text, making video the ultimate tool for training, how-to's, and knowledge sharing.

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VIBBIO. Increase ROI

Bite-sized learning reduces the overall duration and cost of training and upskilling, leading to an increase in ROI on training budgets.

Video provides quick and impactful learning that fits into the schedule of even the busiest person. You can deliver personal training without the time sink of in-person meetings or someone spending time on live webinars, reducing cost and time spent on providing continuous learning.


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VIBBIO. Learning on the go

Short videos can be easily accessed and utilized at any time, providing the freedom to learn a bitesize at a time, suited around already busy schedules and work.

Video gives your audiences the ability to adapt their learning to when it suits them and also repeated as often as needed. Bite-sized informative videos on specific topics can be accessed on the go via mobile - truly enabling training anywhere at any time. Episodic content has already become a part of most people's lifestyles.

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VIBBIO. Easy to use technology

Embrace change by taking advantage of VIBBIO’s easy video creation tool for your e-learning courses.

As the need for more video-based knowledge sharing and training content continues to grow – install your organization with tech that anyone can use, with absolutely zero experience needed, and get ahead of the game with video creation in minutes.


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Businesses that use VIBBIO:

“Since we started with VIBBIO, we have been able to really up our game, and we have dared to take our internal style of production out more externally also.”

Madeleine Schøyen Bergli | Head of Communication | Elkjøp Norway

“We use VIBBIO because we want a simple, yet professional software, which also delivers the videos quickly.”

Heidi Elin Nupen | Editor Digital Platforms | Sandes Sparebank

“With VIBBIO, the threshold for creating videos is very low – it’s fast, easy and reasonably priced. VIBBIO also offer great customer success.”

Mia Stern Madse | Content Marketer | Scandic

"It’s no longer just us in the marketing department creating videos - so setting a clear video style helps build our brand further"

Megan Strand | Marketing and Communications Manager | Sopra Steria