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Video examples to get you started 

Video can be used to communicate, engage and share stories, both within an organisation and externally. We’ve gathered some video examples that can spark some ideas and get you started on your own video projects.


Videos For Internal Communications

Training Video

Short, informative videos can efficiently give employees training in systems and routines.

Employee Introduction

Hired a new team member? Send an introduction video to employees.

Internal Updates

Not all updates requires a meeting - to-the-point videos will do the trick.

Event Invitation

Hosting an event? Create fun invitations for all occasions.

Videos For External Communications

Recruitment Video

Grab attention and attract the best talent when hiring by using video.

Event Recap

Share event recap videos on social media or in your invitation emails.

Customer Story

Let your customers tell others how great your product is in short video interviews.


Q&A videos are very popular. Pick a topic that people want to know more about, and get filming!

Instagram Stories

Snapchat and Instagram stories are here to stay. Easily create vertical videos for your next campaign.

Thought Leadership

Share your knowledge and do a video interview with an expert within your field.

Product Video

Get your product noticed! Color and movement can go a long way to get the attention you need.

Eguide Promotion

Using short videos to promote content on Social media can give you more engagement than just text and images alone.