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Pay as you grow

If you are new to the idea of video creation - we have a great place for you to start! Or if you're looking for a plan to fit with your team or organization size - we can tailor it.

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per month

per year

2 users / 10 monthly videos

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  • 10 videos per month
  • 16:9 & 1:1 formats
  • Standard brand setup
  • Video length: max 1 min
  • 500 GB Storage
  • Integrated stock image library
  • Free audio library




per month

per year

5 users / Unlimited monthly videos

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  • Unlimited monthly videos
  • 16:9, 9:16, 1:1 & 4:5 formats
  • Complete brand profile 
  • Video length: max 3 min
  • 3 TB Storage
  • Integrated stock image library
  • Free audio library




per month

per year

Tailored to your needs

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  • Tailored solutions
  • 10+ users
  • 3+ brand profiles
  • Multiple accounts
  • Central admin and more
  • Integrated stock image library
  • Free audio library

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a burning question about VIBBIO or our payment plans? Most of our frequently asked questions are here, but feel free to call us at any time.

What do you mean with tailored video?

When creating a VIBBIO account, you’ll need to implement your brand guidelines, such as logo, font and color. With these elements in place, you’ll ensure brand consistency for all your videos. This means that you can let anyone on your team create videos without worrying about brand guidelines.

My company has several brands, how will this work?

The Starter and Standard accounts include 1 brand profile, and the Pro account includes 3 brand profiles. You can contact us anytime to add additional seats and brands to your existing account, or to tailor your account to fit exactly with your organization’s needs.

How many users can I have?

The Starter plan includes 2 team members. For a Standard plan, you can add up to 5 team members. With a Pro plan, you can add up to 10 team members. Additional users can be purchased as needed.

How fast are the videos completed?

Submitted videos are queued and processed through our system, ending with an efficient manual checkpoint, and then returned to your account as publish-ready files. The process typically takes from 0,5-3 hours, depending on the project's length and content types.

I have no experience with video editing, can I use the tool?

As a user of the VIBBIO platform, anyone can be a video creator. You’ll never need to worry about editing, the platform will edit the video for you. All you have to do as a video creator is to decide on length and format, fill in your wanted messages and add video clips and images and hit the submit button.

Can I use pictures?

Absolutely! Still images work great in videos.